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Quality, Environment and Safety Policy

Torre S.r.l. undertakes to develop its business in a balanced and harmonious relationship with the environment, orienting its efforts towards customer satisfaction, protecting the health and safety of workers and other people concerned, preventing pollution, prevention of product contamination, respect of current legislation, cooperation with local authorities and communities.

In this regard, Torre S.r.l. has chosen to implement an Integrated Quality Management System (ISO 9001), which is committed to continuously improving its performance.

Following a careful analysis of its processes and impacts Torre S.r.l. intends to pursue the following general objectives:

  • determine customer satisfaction and process performance through appropriate monitoring indicators and, where possible, increase them;
  • to prevent and reduce risks to the health and safety of workers, in particular:
  • preventing accidents and occupational diseases by making every effort to guarantee the best operating conditions for its own organization;
  • preventing risks at the source, that is during the planning phase, choice of materials, identification of methods and technologies;
  • protect workers’ health through continuous health monitoring and its evaluation;
  • to operate in compliance with the current legislation in terms of environment and health and safety, considering the policy of preventing major accidents;
  • ensure compliance with the quality standards agreed with the customer in the products / services provided;
  • prevent the risk of microbiological contamination of the products and ensure compliance with product contamination limits (ACL) established with the customer in order not to affect their safety and effectiveness of use, through the development and application of processing procedures and control based on the principles of the Croplife International contamination prevention guidelines;
  • ensure a balanced approach between needs and expectations of customers and other parties involved: shareholders, staff, suppliers, local communities and companies in general;
  • increase the skills of personnel working at all different levels, through training;
  • spread the culture of quality, protection of the environment and safety at work aimed at increasing the awareness of staff working at all levels, through training programs;
  • to prevent or reduce all forms of pollution, with particular attention to atmospheric emissions from the production process and the risks of soil contamination;
  • to prevent the formation and diffusion of polluting or smelling air emissions from the production process;
  • reduce water consumption, limiting waste and encouraging, where possible, forms of recovery and recycling;
  • reduce, as far as possible, the use of dangerous substances and keep them under control in the best conditions of safety;
  • manage waste correctly, respecting the current legislation in this area, preventing the contamination of air, water and soil and optimizing their recovery;
  • prevent damages to the stratospheric ozone layer by planning the replacement (where possible) of the harmful substances used in the refrigeration systems;
  • pursue the optimization of energy consumption through continuous monitoring, technological improvement and staff awareness;
  • control and, where possible, reduce the acoustic impact of its activities, both inside and outside the site;
  • contain and, where possible, reduce the impact associated with the use of products and packaging by directing customers towards the use of raw materials and materials with a lower environmental impact;
  • direct customers and suppliers towards an environmental care responsibility in the management of their activities;
  • respond to the requests of communication from citizens, customers, public and control institutions, consumers, employees, suppliers and all other interested parties to the environmental and safety implications of the production plant.
  • pursue the continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System aimed at improving performance in terms of quality, prevention of pollution and protection of the environment, protection of the health and safety of its employees, collaborators and third parties operating in it, of the population living in the surrounding area and visitors.


Torre S.r.l. is committed to promoting the dissemination and understanding of the Environment and Safety Quality Policy to all staff, making it available to the public and to the people who work for the organization.

The Quality, Environment and Safety Policy is reviewed and, if necessary, updated during the management review meeting.



Torrenieri (SI), 06/03/2018

The General Manager

Ing. A. De Pasquale